Piercefield Oliver team up with MoneyMagpie

MoneyMagpie Newsletter – 19/06/2018


If you missed our email last Wednesday then you probably haven’t heard the news – you can now make money reading our articles!

Yes, Magpie Money is our brand new rewards scheme and we want you to get involved!

Also, if you’re stuck at home, for whatever reason, don’t despair – there are still ways to make money while housebound.

And we’ve teamed up with Piercefield Oliver to offer you a free financial planning consultation when you use the code Money Magpie. I use them for my own financial planning and I’ve only got good things to say about them!

Love, Jasmine


Why invest in Financial Planning?

Creating a Financial Plan is very empowering.

Proper financial planning helps define life intentions and the setting of personal goals. It also can take away the fear and help navigate through life changes such as divorce, bereavement and retirement.

A Financial Plan will also help drive informed decisions on what changes are necessary to existing financial arrangements e.g. pensions, investments or what new arrangements need to be put in place to give the best chance of achieving desired outcomes.

If this is what you need then Piercefield Oliver are perfect for you.

For a free initial consultation use the code Money Magpie

and contact

*Piercefield Oliver is the trading name of Piercefield Asset Management and is a limited company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.