The Retiring Company Director

Paul Kieth

“I was a director of Elizabeth Shaw,” says Paul Keith, now retired. “I worked very hard to turn the business around from making a huge loss to making decent profits.”

“At the time, I had no one to advise me about my finances on a personal level – I was taking a straight salary and hadn’t any capital to spare for investments. Selling the business in 2006 was a life-changing moment for me.”

“I had known of Piercefield Oliver for a couple of years through the Institute of Directors,’ continues Paul. ‘While I was selling the business, I realised I needed their skills – I was coming up to retirement and wanted to make sure I had the cash to see me and Christine, my wife, through.”

“They helped me get control of my financial affairs,” Paul says. “I had eight pension pots which I’d collected as I’d moved from company to company in my working life. Just to have someone take all the work of sorting them out off my hands was wonderful. They’re very good at the detail. They explained it all.”

“Piercefield Oliver guided Christine and me through the process of planning what we wanted to do for the next 40 years (I was 59 at the time). We went through it decade by decade. For example, they asked about what we wanted to do in terms of travel and where we wanted to end up living and so on, though Christine and I always felt we could change our mind about things any time.”

“They planned everything so our finances will last us throughout our lifetimes. They made everything very logical but it was our input, our vision for the future, that was key. They are very professional, attentive and supportive; if they even sensed that we had a question, or that one of us didn’t understand something, they didn’t let it pass. They stopped to talk it through until we understood.”

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