The Busy Anaesthetist

The Busy Anaesthetist

Dr Maggie Cobley is an anaesthetist at the University Hospital, Llandough Nr. Cardiff.

She and her husband had been with another financial adviser for several years but he was retiring. Then her husband died prematurely. “I relied on my husband’s view when it came to managing my finances,” says Maggie. “I wanted a financial adviser who would look after me through my working life and into retirement.”

In 2001, she became a client of Piercefield Oliver. “I liked them immediately. I also liked that they were completely independent, and more importantly, that they didn’t push me straight into pensions and investments. I’d done a little research, and was reassured that they weren’t just ‘out to make money’ from me. The opposite, – They were looking at the long-term picture for me.”

“They recommended that I spread my investments to spread the risk. There’s been some growth and of course some losses in 2008/9, but they reassured me. They told me to sit tight and wait for the recovery, and sure enough, it all came back up.”

“Piercefield Oliver are highly professional and very well informed. They are not at all patronising and are always interested in how I see my future – They have never made any attempt to push their own agenda. Today they deliver everything I ask for. They are approachable, easy to get hold of and, above all, not pushy!”

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