When Tonia Roberts lost her husband to cancer in 2007, for a long time she couldn’t think straight. Her husband, Elwyn, had always managed the financial side of their lives; he’d been a client of independent financial advisers Piercefield Oliver since 1999.

“When he died, things changed rapidly,” says Tonia. “Put all your faith in Piercefield Oliver,” my husband said. “They’ll do fine for you. And they do. They were there for me when I needed them. They took over the reins and I didn’t have to think about anything financial. I couldn’t have done it at the time – not even now – and I’m very happy to have someone else help me manage my money.”

“Now, thanks to Piercefield Oliver, I have a nice income and all my pensions and investments are sorted. I haven’t ever had to worry about my finances. I have a say in what happens, of course, but I feel I can lean on them to help look after it all for me. They’ve become good friends of mine.”

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