Our Charter

Our Commitment to You

We will provide you with financial advice of the highest standard. We will ensure that you can face the financial future confidently, without fear or trepidation. We will treat you as a person. We will work together to design a financial plan that takes into account your life circumstances and individual goals.

What you can expect from Piercefield Oliver:

  • We will treat everyone as people, not as transactions
  • We will build a relationship with you first
  • We will allow everyone to make their decisions in their own time – We will never hurry you into making a decision
  • We will provide all our information in language that is easy to read and straightforward to understand
  • We will take the time to get to know you and those people around you that are involved in your financial planning
  • We understand that financial planning is for the long-term
  • We will engage with your individual needs
  • We will be clear about our fees for the advice and service that we provide to you – We do not sell you financial products to pay for our time
  • We will employ people that fully embrace our vision of being fair and friendly.

In return, we would like you to:

  • Be as open as possible when discussing your priorities and goals
  • Complete any forms as accurately as possible, to ensure that our advice properly reflects your financial and planning needs
  • Call and talk to us if anything changes or whenever you feel the need for support or advice
  • Meet with us within the agreed time scales to ensure that we are delivering the very best advice to you.

If you feel our agreed standards are not being met then please contact us and we will respond to your concerns within 48 hours.