Explore the App

For our clients who hold their investments on the 7IM platform we have an App, 7IMagine, for you to download onto Android phones and tablets, or an iPad, iPhone or iPod, that will let you see where your money is invested and what is happening to those investments, wherever you are.

About the App

The days of the twice yearly paper statement are numbered. You can now keep up to date with your portfolios and what’s happening in the world, wherever you are. 7IMagine gives you a complete picture of your money, where it is invested and how it’s doing. It lets you compare how investments are doing with a variety of market indices and other measures, it also lets you drill down into portfolios by geography, by asset type and by account. You also get market and economic news and a wide choice of links to other news, opinion and lifestyle content. It only takes a few minutes to download 7IMagine and register securely. It’s free and will run on any iPad, iPhones, Android tablets and phones.

Download the App

The 7IMagine app is available for Android phones and tablets or on iPhone or iPad. It’s free and available from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Just type 7IMagine into the Search bar.